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About Us

Gage is a rescued chocolate Labrador and is currently 6 years old. He is a true Labrador with the ideal disposition of eagerness to please. He is non-aggressive, gentle, intelligent and adaptable which makes him an ideal house pet and working dog. Sniffing out bed bugs is a game to him that he instinctively with great enthusiasm will fully apply himself when in “search” mode. His sense of smell, perseverance and exceptional desire to “work” keeps him on top of his game in detecting bed bugs. We are committed to providing a bed bug free environment for your home or business.

Gage lives with his handler, Ellen, and her husband. They have five children between the ages of 20 and 30 who adore Gage. As a true characteristic of Labradors, Gage thrives on human companionship and has the rare ability of being able to be everybody’s friend and still maintain an undying allegiance to his master/handler. Along with Gage’s “searches” and untiring devotion to people he also loves playing frisbee, swimming and using the treadmill.

Gage's Training

Gage had his bed bug detection and obedience training from “Falco’s K9 Academy” located in Brea, California. Falco’s K9 Academy is federally licensed by both the DEA and ATF. Andy Falco and his team are the only known facility that covers all aspects of dog services including explosive, narcotics and arson detection, search and rescue, bed bug detection, obedience and police training using only all positive reinforcement. Falco’s training philosophy requires extensive side-by-side dog and human handler training to create the most effective detection team available. Gage’s certifications are actively maintained and are kept current. He is repeatedly tested in many different environments, which keeps him sharp and ahead of the curve.

Gage has been trained to alert on live bed bugs and their eggs. We frequently use other insects and scents including carpet beetles, lady bugs, cockroaches, food and toys as controls in our training, as they are commonly found in homes and offices. Gage does not alert on other bugs or other scents. When a successful alert is confirmed, he receives a reward ~ his favorite toy that is only used when working. The “toy reward” method is to keep our dogs focused on “searching” for bed bugs, not eating a “food reward” as many other dogs are trained to do. We have found dogs that are trained using the “food reward” system tend to get distracted by food or even crumbs that are left on the floor or under couch cushions. This can result in a “false alert” for detecting bed bugs.

We are also proud to announce Gage is now certified with the World Detection Dog Organization after passing their "double blind" certification test.

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Gage's sense of smell is far more superior and accurate than any human or tool in detecting live bed bugs in such areas as beds, sofas, behind electrical outlets or under carpets. Our team is ready to eliminate the guesswork for you and ensure maximum effectiveness in protecting you, your family and place of business giving you the peace of mind you deserve.