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The key to success in bed bug control is EARLY DETECTION.
Canines have been successfully used by military and law enforcement agencies to detect bombs, weapons, and drugs for years. A dog's ability to smell is superior to humans. Specially trained bed bug dogs and their handlers are the best way to determine if you have bed bugs and where they are hiding. A properly trained dog can detect even the smallest amount of bed bugs and their eggs faster and far more accurately than
any other method - saving you time and money in any home, commercial structure or form of transportation.
This allows you to know exactly which areas are infected so you can be prepared to target those areas when treating. Bed bug dogs will quickly detect and locate where bed bugs are hiding to give you peace of mind.

The Canine Inspection Services team combines the background and experience of over 25 years in the pest control industry with the latest advancements in canine detection. Our bed bug dog Gage and his human handlers, have had extensive training and have been certified at the industry-leading Falco K9 Academy in California. The Falco K9 training philosophy requires side-by-side dog and human handler training to create the most effective detection team available. With bed bugs quickly becoming the number-one pest in North America and the most difficult for pest control experts to locate, our team is ahead of the curve.
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Gage's sense of smell is far more superior and accurate than any human or tool in detecting live bed bugs in such areas as beds, sofas, behind electrical outlets or under carpets. Our team is ready to eliminate the guesswork for you and ensure maximum effectiveness in protecting you, your family and place of business giving you the peace of mind you deserve.